• HEY, I'm Priscilla.


  • I'm In dire need of a project and YOU NEED A WRITER.

    this is what I call a win-win.

    You have my word, I'LL HANDLE the dirty work for you.

    I'M NOT GOING TO SUGARCOAT the truth here: writing is a pain in the ass.


    But to quote the front-man of a famous pop rock band, "It's my pain in the ass, and I love it."


    You know what it's like – staring at an empty page and twiddling your thumbs for the inspiration bolt to hit you. It sends you into a frenzy of rage. Whether it's minty fresh content for your website, or smokin' articles that read so deliciously, one thing's for sure:


    It's as difficult as a Mensa IQ test.

    This is where I come in.

    I work with companies that want to bring its pesky rivals to their knees. I collaborate with entrepreneurs who are hell-bent on their game-changing businesses. I rub shoulders with contenders who want to leave a permanent mark on the world – a mark so enduring that it can outlast Joanne Woodward's Hollywood Walk of Fame star.


    This is not about me. This is about you. This is about skyrocketing your business to great brilliance. Can you imagine it? It's a pretty damn good picture, isn't it?



    I'm not looking for the ordinary.

    I'm not looking for the good.

    I'm not looking for the great.


    I'm looking for the epic.


    Let's get cracking, what'd you say?

  • MY Life mantras

    FAIL BETTER (Samuel Beckett™)

    Be resilient

    be patient

    Stay curious

    And wear sunscreen

  • what i do

    Let's face it: they're mainly content writing



    ad copies

    email series

    ghost writing

    not what you're looking for?

    Drop me a message. You name it, I deliver it.

  • howdy-do, a millennial at your service!

    i'm a social (media) butterfly




  • hire me. what'd you say?

    Drop me a note in these blocks of space

    if you're looking for your missing piece, sundae, or the extra cherry on top!