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    Copywriter + Content Marketing Minion

    • Born, bred, and based in Singapore.
    • Agoraphobia champion.
    • Dreams of travelling the world and see things never seen before.

  • What I Do

    I'm a "words to woo" writer who writes to make your heart skip a beat — like when you sneeze but with zero snot.


    I write EDMs, product descriptions, web pages, sales copy and more... at a freelance concierge marketplace called Want Things Done.


    On the side, I write personal essays and profile features about people living a purposeful life.


    Published on places like Forbes, Inc Magazine, CNBC Make It, Vulcan Post, Yellow Pages, The Epoch Times (Singapore), Jumpstart, and Tech In Asia.

  • Profile Features

    "Surprise Destinations"

    The story behind the founder who sends budding travellers to countries - without telling them where they're going.

    "Extraordinary Inclusiveness"

    How a copywriter from the Middle East is marrying her passion for diversity and outdoor adventures.

    "Cybersecurity Specialists"

    Three cybersecurity specialists share what it's like to work in this indescribably fulfilling field.

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    Where I attempt to blog daily, like Seth Godin

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    November 20, 2018 · Misc
    November 10, 2018 · Copywriting
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